Global Health Policy

This course examines current issues in health policy, global health governance and global health diplomacy shaping our world in the 21st century, with a focus on China. The course will look at the global burden of disease, comparing China to other countries, and show how social, economic, and demographic factors affect the burden. We will examine security threats from emerging infectious diseases, the health impacts of global climate change and discuss how some commercial practices are contributing to new or re- emerging health threats. We will review the current big actors and institutions involved in global health and some of the specific issues in health policy that constitute the major lines of work of global health development agencies: infectious disease threats, refugee and humanitarian health, the increasing burden of non-communicable diseases and their link to global trade in harmful products such as tobacco and fast food. We will examine many issues through the lens of China’s health system, disease burden, threats, and demographics, China’s environmental health challenges, as well as China’s increasing role as a global actor on health.


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