Global Economy and Public Policy

Understanding the major global economic trends is key to policymakers, business executives, and entrepreneurs. This course will empower students to become future leaders by introducing them to a framework to analyze an economy, both from a theoretical and practical perspective, building on cases from advanced economies and emerging markets, with in-depth coverage of China. The framework allows a comprehensive and consistent diagnostic assessment of a country’s macroeconomic situation, identifies imbalances and vulnerabilities, and designs policy options to address them. Students will learn how this framework has been applied in practice via various country cases, such as in Greece and Ireland during the Global Financial Crisis. The course will also look at the challenges when applying the standard framework to emerging markets, in particular, related to capital flows and exchange rate policies.  Throughout the course, students will learn different sectors of the Chinese economy, its unique institutional set-up, and policymaking.

Faculty: Zhang LongmeiCiti Visiting Chair in International Business, Schwarzman College; Deputy Resident Representative for China Senior Economist International Monetary Fund


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