Cutting Edge in Computing: Data, Computing, and Human Future

This course introduces students to the basic computing concepts, theories and practices of computational thinking project implement, shares frontier research and technology, digital transformation in vertical industries and their influence on human society and future. Students will have a deep understanding of what computing is, how computing works in every corner of modern society, why it is so important and irreplaceable, how to face the fast-growing technologies squarely and fully leverage it to serve the human race. They will improve their computational thinking with growth mindset and find a new point of view for their own major. This course will be lectured by Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA) leader team, who have rich experience in both scientific research, industry development and talent fostering. All the practices and experiments are supported by MSRA education platform, which contains many open-source study cases, test datasets, develop tools and experimenting environment. The students will also have chance to visit MSRA, to feel the innovation sprit and the cutting-edge research achievements.

Faculty: Hsiao-Wuen Hon, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft; Chairman, Microsoft’s Asia-Pacific R&D Group; Managing Director, Microsoft Research Asia


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