Business Sustainability Leadership in China & Globally

The Business Sustainability Leadership in China and Globally course addresses how companies and other institutions can be leaders in creating a more sustainable world.  Stakeholders - customers, employees, NGOs, shareholders and governments – are holding companies more and more accountable for how they make their profits. At the same time, business leaders are experiencing vulnerabilities in operations and supply chains.  In response, high performing companies are moving beyond philanthropy and compliance, and using the lens of sustainability to reframe and address core risks and seize new opportunities.

This course focuses on why and how companies are integrating sustainability into their operations. The conceptual frameworks, strategies, and tools, however, are applicable to a wide range of sectors and institutions. Participants will analyze and critique sustainability results; create sustainability strategies; problem solve in complex ecosystems; and persuasively advance recommended actions. The course is valuable to those who wish to better understand the role of business in society, be effective interlocutors with business on environmental and social issues, and be leaders in applying sustainability principles and approaches to advance environmental and social outcomes in a variety of sectors and institutions.

Faculty: Beth Keck, Volkswagen Visiting Chair in Sustainability, Schwarzman College; Practitioner-in-Residence, China Studies, The Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies; Former Senior Director, Women's Economic Empowerment and Sustainability, Walmart Stores, Inc.


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