Basic Legal Issues in Cross Border Mergers & Acquisitions

The purpose of the course is to provide an overview of cross border M&A activities through examination of a number of high profile cases involving China’s sovereign wealth fund and other major Chinese corporations. The course will delineate some basic legal issues in such cases and examine them from a technical perspective. The course is not a business administration class, but rather an introductory course aiming at helping students who have no prior legal education to identify possible relevant legal issues in cross border M&A when operating between countries with different regulatory frameworks, different ideologies and in situations where macro-political issues can affect the outcome. Students will discuss cases and their relevant legal ramifications with available documents.

Faculty: Gao Xiqing, Hongtian Chair Professor at UIBE Law school; Supervisory Board Chairman of the Future Science Forum, and of the Westlake University; Former President and Chief Investment Officer, China Investment Corporation


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