Ambicultural Strategic Management

As businesses and economies become globally interconnected, companies and individuals will need to examine their basic business practices and beliefs within the cross-cultural, cross-national context. In this course, participants will develop the ability to think strategically and to analyze the organizational and environmental factors essential for crafting and executing a firm’s strategy for sustained success in a multi-cultural environment. The integration of Eastern and Western business concepts and practices can lead to expansive “ambicultural” thinking about the structure and possibilities of enterprise in the new global reality.  As will be discovered in the course, “ambicultural” professionals are managers who embrace the best of Western and Eastern cultures and practices while avoiding the worst. Fostering such a “both/and” ambicultural perspective will benefit participants’ business careers and personal endeavors alike. The course draws heavily from the key concepts, frameworks, and tools of strategic management, a sub-field in business administration and moves from a comparative to an integrative perspective through an analysis of Chinese (mainland and overseas) philosophy, cultural foundations, and business practices. More broadly, it introduces a way of thinking that goes far beyond simply enabling one to do business in China.

FacultyMing-Jer Chen


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