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Campus contacts play an important role for Schwarzman Scholars applicants who are currently enrolled in an undergraduate degree program. For undergraduate students, one of the four required letters of recommendation should come from the campus contact. At some colleges and universities, the campus contact also plays an advisory role, offering high-level strategic advice on a candidate's application. Please see the Campus Contact FAQ for more information. If a campus contact is not identified, the letter should come from the faculty member or institutional office that is most appropriate.

The institutional assessment letter should speak to the student’s academic standing and anything else the campus contact feels the selection committee should know about the student that is not reflected in the other components of his or her application. For example, has the student played an extraordinary leadership role on campus, faced unusual circumstances or challenges, or taken an especially challenging set of courses? This letter may be very brief, and should be less than 500 words.

Currently enrolled undergraduates should coordinate with their campus contact early in the application process. Some colleges and universities establish internal pre-application processes for their undergraduates and may even set early internal deadlines to ensure adequate time to complete the institutional assessment letter. If this is the case with your university, you should be sure to follow your university’s internal procedures to apply for Schwarzman Scholars. Currently enrolled undergraduates whose universities do not have an established internal process should follow the standard instructions on how to apply for Schwarzman Scholars.

The directory below is designed to help undergraduates identify the contact at their institution who has agreed to complete the institutional assessment letter. This letter is not required for applicants who have already completed a bachelor’s degree. Applicants who cannot find their college or university in this database should contact the fellowships office or dean of students at their institution to ask them to submit the letter.

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Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona

Mireia Gali

International Welcome Point Coordinator

  • +34 935814165
  • Website
  • Campus UAB
  • Bellaterra
  • Spain