Great Works in Environmental Politics

This reading and discussion seminar-style course provides students with a guided opportunity to understand some of the greatest works in the environmental field, including highly influential analytical work, extraordinary classics in literary non-fiction, and outstanding dystopian literature.

The planet-wide environmental crisis requires a multi-disciplinary response.  The course focuses on the differences between the empathetic learning that fiction and imaginative work provide as compared with analytical scholarly work.  The course is divided in four parts, organized along temporal and spatial differences. The first part uses the lenses of history and philosophy to go deeply into the issues; the second part encourages us to imagine future scenarios; the third focuses on the developing world; the fourth and final section turns to the developed world and the impacts of consumption and commodity chains. Each section includes at least one work of fiction or literary non-fiction.

TermModule 2
Applicable TowardsConcentration
Department Schwarzman Scholars
Credits 2
FacultyJudith Shapiro